diabetes diet balanced meal

What Is A Healthy, Diabetes-Friendly Balanced Meal?

Balance your meals to get the right nutrition from the right foods.
ckd symptoms

Early Signs Of Chronic Kidney Disease Every Diabetic Should Watch Out For

Did you know swollen ankles and feet are a sign of unhealthy kidneys?
reduce risk colorectal cancer diabetes

Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer Of The Intestine In People With Diabetes

Did you know that diabetics have a 30% higher chance of getting colorectal cancer? Here's how to prevent it!
chronic kidney disease ckd prevention

7 Ways You Can Prevent Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Your kidneys are important. Protect them from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) by leading a healthy lifestyle.
diabetes birthday celebration

Here’s How Not To Let Diabetes Ruin Your Birthday

Is it okay for you to "let go" once a year and eat that cake? Let's find out!
oats diabetes breakfast

Have Oats For Breakfast To Control Blood Sugar Levels

A power-food for people with diabetes, Oats are the perfect meal to start your day with.

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