Everyone talks about New Year’s resolutions, but no one ever sticks to them! This is a reality we are all very familiar with. So for this new year, we want you to make Commitments to yourself. For people with diabetes, these commitments should be about being fit while managing your HbA1c levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels and keeping complications away.

Dr. V. Mohan, Chairman at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre gives us 5 New Year’s commitments that all people with diabetes can make, with a little bit of willpower and dedication.

  • Healthify your meals
  • Unfriend your chair
  • Medicate correctly
  • Have happy feet
  • Love your kidneys

Healthify your meals

Start the new year with a promise to eat healthy. Take a planned, organised approach towards this objective.

There are several websites that assist you in preparing daily, weekly, and monthly meal plans. Then there are websites that already have meal plans in place, and all you have to do is order.

Find the system that works for you and implement it without hesitation.

Here are some healthy, yummy and diabetes-friendly breakfast and lunch recipes.

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Unfriend your chair

Our modern lifestyles mean we don’t walk as much as we used to. There are cabs and rickshaws to make travel convenient. When at home or at work, we always find ourselves sitting down most of the time.

This new year, commit to getting off your chairs. Find excuses to walk instead of sitting all the time: walk when taking a phone call, take the stairs, take a 10 min walking break at work every day. 

Here are some tips on how diabetics can exercise safely.

Medicate correctly

We cannot overstate the importance of taking the correct dose of medications in diabetes. But they should also be taken at the right time.

If you delay taking your meds whether before or after a meal, it will not be able to have the right effect on your blood sugar. Take your meds too late after a meal, and your blood sugar has already spiked and your meds are unable to do their job.

So dose and timing both are important.

Have happy feet

Taking care of your blood sugar, watching your blood pressure and cholesterol, and managing your weight are part of your regular diabetes care routine. But in all this, you forget one very important aspect of diabetes care: your Feet.

In diabetes, chances of infection are very high even with minor cuts and bruises. And with our feet being most prone to injuries, it is a must to check the health of your feet regularly. If you see any small wounds or injuries, get them treated correctly at the earliest to avoid any complications such as gangrene or, worse, amputation!

Love your kidneys

Kidney disease (called Diabetic nephropathy) is one of the complications that can arise if diabetes is not managed well. If affected, the kidneys are unable to do their most important function, which is removing waste products and extra fluids from your body.

It is a serious condition that requires dialysis and may also require transplantation. And the cost of managing this condition is very high.

By managing diabetes correctly and by investing in regular check-ups, such complications can be avoided. Read the eight early signs of diabetes-related complications that you might be avoiding.

Make these 5 commitments at the start of 2018 and see a healthier, fitter you as the year progresses. Here’s to a Healthy and “Wellthy” 2018!

Happy New Year!

Edited by: Afshaan Khan

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay


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